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We guide each Study girl towards reaching her fullest potential by fostering fine scholarship, instilling the love of learning, and developing well-rounded leadership qualities in a global-minded, diverse environment where both the individual and the community are valued.


The Study will build on a rich tradition of innovation to be the top independent bilingual all-girls school in Montréal.


At school -- Beyond school grounds -- Beyond graduation
The Study school community is characterized by core values of:

Nurturing environment
Innovative thinking
Expectations of high academic quality and effort
Collaboration and Altruism
Respect of self & others in a safe environment
A global community view and a Québec milieu view
A « green » view
Honour and pride in school & school traditions

Diversity and Inclusion

The Study believes that by providing an environment in which all people feel valued, respected and have the same opportunities, we are sustaining the core of our mission and pedagogical vision. The Study’s all girls’ vibrant educational environment is enhanced by our diverse community, in which race, ethnicity, gender, language, socioeconomic level, sexual orientation, physical ability, family structure and religion create both breadth and depth in our understanding of the global world, preparing our students to be leaders who will contribute to the collective reach of humanity.