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Proud to share the latest issue of the Trillium Magazine. In Head of School Ms. McInnes' first issue - entitled 'Caring / Avec bienveillance' - we delve into The Study's core value of fostering a nurturing environment, which was also the first tenet of our reopening plan this year. We touch on the school's culture of health and wellness, featuring a more prominent student and parent voice. We also explore our Active Outdoor Learning Spaces Project, which is evolving thanks to the ongoing support of our donors. If you are interested in receiving a printed copy, please contact us. ENJOY!

The Trillium magazine is published by our Communications & Marketing office and is distributed to all Study alumnae, current and past Study families, students, staff and friends of The Study. The magazine provides the perfect medium to stop to reflect on our outstanding accomplishments as a school and as a community. Stories featured come from diverse members of our community, current students, staff & faculty and alumnae.

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We welcome letters, photos and opinion pieces from members of the community. If you are interested in receiving a printed copy, contact the communications office.

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