School Leadership

The Study's enriched curriculum coupled with an exceptional bilingual learning environment and a positive atmosphere of mental, physical and emotional balance, nurtures each girl's capacity to be academically successful and well rounded.
The breadth and depth of The Study’s curriculum, along with its goal to inspire intellectual curiosity and exploration, is the hallmark of the school experience for each of our students. At The Study, every girl benefits from the care and guidance of teachers who are dedicated to fostering a love of learning, each and every day.

The world needs great women, and girls can count on a great start at The Study.


Kim Mcinnes, Head of SchooL

Welcome to The Study! I hope you will soon discover our dynamic and outward looking school committed to supporting the development of young women as leaders, as innovators and as life-long learners.

meet our senior leadership team

Kim McInnes

Head of School

Kim Turcot DiFruscia

Deputy Head of School

Amanda Liste

Elementary School Director

erika flores ludwick, Board chair

the heart of The Study has always been one of caring above all else. This is one of the values that sparked the founding of the school and it has been sustained for the past 105 years. Ms. Gascoigne set out to carefully foster a supportive environment focused on teaching “things that matter,” and this has been upheld by all subsequent Heads of School.