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Developing the passions and curiosity of even our youngest learners. The education of young girls is at the heart of everything we do.

Let's Meet Up In Kindergarten - 3 min. watch

What do you love most about Kindergarten? - 2 min. watch

We know our girls often make connections naturally in many different ways in order to understand the world around them. Our ever-changing world also motivates all of our teachers to educate and empower our girls while integrating subjects in new and creative ways. We recognize that we all use critical thinking skills every day and how they help us to make good decisions, understand the consequences of our actions and solve problems. As our students become more critical in their thinking, they successfully integrate multiple perspectives to understand complex issues and ideas, helping them strive for excellence.

Programme features

  • An enriched bilingual environment with the goal of proficiency in both English and French
  • Collaborative learning activities in a positive, warm and challenging academic environment
  • Small class sizes with a focus on meeting the individual needs of each student
  • An appreciation of the values of good citizenship, leadership, and the rewards of giving through community service
  • An embedded technology curriculum that includes exposure to coding and robotics
  • Caring teachers who nurture a joyful and lifelong love of learning
  • An enriching after-school programme and ped day fieldtrips

AManda liste, elementary school director

The shared joy of discovery is at the heart of all we do to cultivate limitless learning opportunities for your daughter.

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About Our Programme

Students in Cycle 2 and 3 enjoy their Physical Education classes in our regulation-sized gym.

Kindergarten students explore their love of reading in the Elementary School library, during one of their dedicated periods with our Librarian.

Interdisciplinary learning focuses learning on life skills such as critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, innovation, and problem-solving.

Our Elementary school teachers not only strive for students to master subject content but simultaneously encourage curiosity, learning from others, and the development of problem-solving skills. Here at The Study, we observe this approach to teaching and learning as early as Kindergarten, integrating a multitude of subjects in order to develop the passions and curiosity of even our youngest learners.

One of the ways we create an environment in which girls can excel is through our specialized teachers in Elementary School. There is an undeniable link between specialists and girls' results in areas such as the arts, physical education, science and technology, to name just a few examples.

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Our priority is to ensure that each girl’s emotional, physical and social needs are met in an environment where academic excellence is fostered. Our holistic approach includes students services, after-school services, clubs & activities, athletics and community of educators, students and parents.

Curriculum Overview

The Study's enriched bilingual mother tongue programme begins in kindergarten.


Our Phys Ed and Athletic programme fosters a culture of fitness, wellness, sportsmanship and fun.

After School

Our exciting, enriching and bilingual ASP programme balances homework assistance and creative activities.

Clubs & Activities

The Study has multiple clubs and organizations open to students in all grades.


An advanced technolgy curriculum includes exposure to coding and robotics. fun.

Student Services

Enrichment Specialists and School Counsellors help students better understand themselves and the world around them.