Student Services

Support close at hand

Enrichment Centre

The Enrichment Centre offers academic assistance to all students at the school. Our team of Enrichment Specialists supports students, in and out of the classroom, regardless of age or academic ability, in developing strategies to attain their fullest potential. Students are empowered to better understand themselves as learners, as well as the strategies that work best for them. The team also collaborates and supports teachers in applying innovative research-based learning approaches to enrich the classroom experience. This includes providing teachers with resources pertaining to enrichment and differentiated learning within the classroom.

CounselLing service

Two dedicated counsellors work with students and teachers to educate girls about topics such as health and well-being, in addition to meeting with individual students to help them navigate childhood and adolescence issues.


The Elementary School Director hosts conversations with teachers and parents that include discussions about topics of interest to help parents support the development and well-being of their daughter.

Enrichment centre

Brigitte Weil, Enrichment Centre Coordinator


Milene Narrainen, Enrichment Specialist

School Counsellors

Adrienne Frank, Elementary School Counsellor

Ashley Strange, Senior School Counsellor