Senior School

Preparing well for post-secondary

The natural confidence and positivity that exudes from a graduate of The Study is the result of a programme that emphasizes the importance of developing leadership skills and qualities from an early age. We’re proud that Study graduates enjoy 100% acceptance into their first choice of post-secondary institution.


Programme features

  • Advancement Placement (AP) courses offered
  • A variety of courses taught in French
  • A wide range of activities, clubs, cultural excursions and student exchanges

  • A local and wider community involvement.

  • Broad leadership and entrepreneurship opportunities

  • An embedded technology curriculum

  • Third language options (Mandarin and Spainish)

  • Each student is provided with her own Mac laptop

About Our Programme

Students work together in our Senior School Biology lab.

The Senior School library allows students to explore their love of reading, discover academic resources and receive support as they complete research. Students also have different resources at their disposal on the Library page through their PowerSchool Learning account, and many resources in French.

Students have a choice of advanced science and arts courses, including options like Mandarin and Spanish, Biology, Advanced Stagecraft, Introduction to Law and AP Psychology.  They learn in French, with classes in subjects such as Géographie, Histoire and Ethique, and they may take advanced placement (AP) exams in French.

Senior School girls also enjoy a wide range of activities such as Debating, Public Speaking, Choir, Environmental Club, Concert Band, cultural excursions and student exchanges with Australia and England.

All Senior School students are involved in helping others in the local and wider community, completing 60 hours of community service from grades 9 to 11. Many Senior School girls have travelled to volunteer at our sister school in Nicaragua.

Explore Senior School

Our priority is to ensure that each girl’s emotional, physical and social needs are met in an environment where academic excellence is fostered. Our holistic approach includes student services, after-school services, clubs & activities, athletics, and a supportive community of educators, students and parents.

Curriculum Overview

Students have all the advantages of a research-based pedagogy and a curriculum designed to build skills needed in a rapidly changing world.


Our Phys. Ed. and Athletic program fosters a culture of fitness, wellness, sportsmanship and fun.

Clubs & Activities

The Study has multiple clubs and organizations open to students in all grades.


Innovative use of technology to enhance learning and critical thinking, both inside and outside the classroom.

Academic Advising

Our Academic Advisor works with our students, past and present, as they follow their paths in post-secondary education.

Student Services

Enrichment Specialists and School Counsellors help students better understand themselves and the world around them.