4 steps to apply

1. Connect with us! Complete our inquiry form, arrange for a personal tour of the school, request an Admissions package and/or reach out to confirm the availability of places before you apply.

2. Complete our online application and be sure to include all requested supporting documents.

3. Schedule your daughter’s interview and entrance assessments. Once we receive her application, we will schedule a bilingual interview and individualized assessment.

4. Meet our Head of School. A family meeting will be scheduled following the completion of the above steps.

5. Wait for the decision. The Admissions Committee reviews all applications and will provide a decision in the 10-14 days following your daughter’s entrance assessments.

Please note:

French language support is available in Grades 1-6. Students applying for Senior School must have knowledge of English and French.

International applicants are required to have knowledge of either English or French in order to proceed beyond the interview stage.



To view the list of important admission dates and events,  please click here! 

Spaces are very limited. Before applying, please inquire with Ms Andrea Parker by email admissions@thestudy.qc.ca or by phone (514 935 9352 x252) to confirm availability.