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Frequently asked questions

Is my daughter required to have a "Certificate of Eligibility"?

Certificate of Eligibility for English instruction is not required (K- grade 11) as The Study no longer receives government subsidies. Applications are now being accepted for mission-appropriate girls in all grades for this academic year. Any questions about the application process, please call Ms. Tara Ramiengar, Director of Admissions at 514-935-9352 ext 223.

For further information on eligibility visit the MEESR website.

What are transportation options for students attending The Study?

The Study shares private bus transportation with various other private schools to and from the West Island, Laval, Ville Saint Laurent, Town of Mount Royal (TMR) and Nuns' Island. For more information please contact Jeannie Loo, Business Offices, at (514) 935-9352 ext. 230
Nearest public bus routes: 66, 165, 166, 124, 535 Villa Maria and Guy/Concordia metro stations.

What are the unique strengths of a Study education?

While all independent schools in Montreal offer fine academic and co-curricular programs, each has a unique spirit and feeling. That is why it is so important to tour The Study, where you will gain an appreciation of what makes this school special.
Among The Study's distinguishing characteristics are its successful Elementary School mother tongue English and French programme, the thoughtful integration of technology into all levels of the curriculum and a cross-curricular approach to teaching and learning that fosters research, inquiry and independent thinking.
What graduates and parents tell us again and again is that The Study is a warm, nurturing place, where students feel supported by each other and by their teachers. The Study is a community where girls receive the guidance, inspiration and encouragement they need during their formative years.

Why should I consider sending my daughter to an all-girls school rather than a co-educational school?

Studies and surveys indicate that single-sex education creates a stronger learning environment and allows students to become more active and confident in the classroom. An all-girls school fosters high levels of self-esteem, student achievement and encourages academic exchange.
10 things that distinguish all-girls schools are:
1. Girls' schools create opportunities for appropriate educational risk-taking.
2. In a girls' school, learning takes centre stage and social life with boys is reserved for time outside school hours.
3. Girls' schools teach collaborative as well as competitive skills.
4. Teaching strategies maximize girls' verbal and writing skills.
5. Girls' schools offer strong female role models.
6. Girls have opportunities to lead - on the Student Council, as the quarterback on the touch football team or playing drums in the band.
7. The curriculum emphasizes real life skills, such as financial literacy, leadership and community service.
8. Girls' schools promote excellence in math, science and technology.
9. An all-girls school fosters a can-do philosophy.
10. Girls' schools promote athletic participation to encourage leadership and team play.

I hear that there are very few available spaces for many grades. What are the chances that my daughter will get in?

While the main entry years are Kindergarten, Grade 1 and Grade 7, there are often openings at other grade levels and we are always looking for bright young candidates to fill these available places. We suggest that you contact the Admissions office at any time throughout the year to discuss the possibilities.

What selection criteria are used for admission to The Study?

Although academic assessment is required for entry at all grade levels, girls are not selected solely for their academic results. Their natural curiosity, work habits, dedication, attitude and talents beyond the classroom are all important as is their potential to contribute to school life.

Are siblings or relatives of alumnae favoured over other applicants?

All applicants must meet The Study's basic academic requirements. However, should there be a case where two applicants are truly equal in merit, the school will likely favour a student's sibling or a relative of an alumna. The Study's primary obligation is to provide an academic program that will benefit every student and it does not knowingly admit students who will be in certain difficulty.

Is the CAT a necessary part of the admissions process for grade 7 applicants?

The Study participates in the QAIS Common Admissions Test (CAT) with five other QAIS English schools. All Grade 7 applicants are asked to write this common exam. Applicants will also be invited to The Study for an interview, school tour and lunch. Students must submit an application to The Study and register on-line for the CAT with Brisson Legris at www.registrationbl.qc.ca

What is the process for requesting a bursary (financial aid)?

Applicants requesting a bursary must apply online at Apple Financial. Bursaries are awarded based on an applicant's assessed financial need, as determined by a third party.