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Access to excellence

Last year, The Study granted over $450,000 in scholarships and bursaries to approximately 20% of its students. Our financial awards programme supports a key strategic priority for The Study; a diverse and promising student population who will thrive in our enriched curriculum.

The school offers merit-based scholarships and need-based bursaries aimed at making a Study education as accessible and affordable as possible. Both programmes are considered grants applied to tuition fees, they are not loans. Read more about the Access to Excellence Scholarship and Bursary Programme.


The Study acknowledges student achievement and contributions to the school community in a variety of ways. Scholarships recognize outstanding academic results and promise and in many cases are renewable, provided the recipient’s academic work and contribution to the school remains at a high standard. These financial awards are available at various grade levels to both new and returning students.

Financial Aid (Bursaries)

World-class academic institutions such as ours recognize that the most outstanding young minds and great spirits deserve the opportunity to excel, despite their families’ financial circumstances. At The Study, we are proudly committed to removing barriers of accessibility. The decision to award a bursary is based on a family’s demonstrated financial need, as determined by an independent third-party assessment. Parents are asked to fill out an online application, with Apple Financial (FACS). The third-party provider will analyze your personal situation and make a recommendation to our Head of School on a confidential basis.