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Supporting Documents

When submitting an application to The Study, please remember to include:

  • Completed Application Form
  • Common Confidential School Report Kindergarten, Grades 1 & 2
  • Common Confidential School Report, Grades 3-11
  • Your daughter’s photograph.
  • Copy of her birth certificate *showing full names of both parents.
  • Copy of your daughter’s eligibility certificate* (although eligibility certificates for English language instruction are not required, if the student already has received a Quebec Government Eligibility Certificate for English language education please provide it).
  • Copy of Canadian passport or citizenship card* (for Canadian applicants born outside of Canada).
  • Copy of students Visa and/or parent’s work Visa or CAQ* (for non-Canadian students).
  • Application fee.
  • Copies of most recent report cards and any educational assessments.

*Copies are to be certified, if you would like to bring the originals to the school we will certify them for you.