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Cupcakes & Connections 2021 (REGISTER BELOW)

A SOGA Social Event for Young Alumnae

Wednesday, November 10, 5pm - 7pm
In-person, The Study's Performance Hall
1 Braeside Place, Westmount, Quebec

What is "Cupcakes & Connections"?

SOGA would like to provide students with an opportunity to hear from you, a recent graduate, about your post-secondary school life experience.

How can recent Study graduates help?

We hope you will share with our students the program you are studying and how you feel about it. Mostly we wish you to speak about the non-academic part of school life. These are the things our students cannot really know about from an institution’s prospectus. Most of the girls already know of you and some may even be your social media friend, however, not all feel comfortable about reaching out to you and asking questions. SOGA understands this and wants to facilitate these connections with you.

We are looking for Old Girls who are in a variety of programs in CEGEP, Grade 12, Prep Schools and Universities, as we are hoping to give our students the opportunity to hear about diverse experiences from you. They will ask questions such as "what is it like to have boys in the class?" "will my professors know me?"...


There are many events that take place every school year when Study Old Girls can volunteer to support the learning of current Study students. For example, Old Girls who are passionate about the dramatic arts or athletics, may help co-direct student plays or coach co-curricular sports team.

For more information
Please contact
Katie Kostiuk '96 at kkostiuk@thestudy.qc.ca
or 514-935-9352 ext224