Top 5 Language Learning Tips

Top 5 Language Learning Tips

Learning a second or third language is a lifelong gift for our children. Engaging students in language learning is one of the things that we do best at The Study. Here are 5 of our language learning tips: 

1. Continue speaking and reading in your first language with your child - a love of language comes from our first language. This may sound counterintuitive but the moments that you spend sharing a story or singing a song builds a connection and appreciation of language. Language appreciation can be transferred to subsequent language learning. 

2. Select second-language environments for your child(ren) which are aligned with their interests. Let their intrinsic motivation guide their experience so that language acquisition is no longer the focus. Playgroups, playdates, day camps and swimming lessons are just some of the authentic language learning environments which will motivate your child to use the language. 

3. Consider caregivers whose first language is the language you wish your child to acquire. Just as in your child’s preschool or daycare, educators speaking in a second language creates a natural environment for your child(ren) to hear and speak the language.  

4. Learn with your child - take on the challenge with your child to model language learning. Errors in speech happen and we learn from them. By observing how you navigate the challenges, you create a safe space for your child to also take language risks. Ask your child to teach you new vocabulary and/or concepts that they are learning at school and practice them yourself. Invite your child to provide feedback about your pronunciation or comprehension.

5. Be consistent in your approach - remember input and comprehension has to happen before language production occurs. It takes time to build new language habits and every child progresses at their own pace according to their learning style and/or personality.