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The Study Parent Association Volunteer Form

Your involvement and participation as a volunteer at The Study is very appreciated and helps to enrich school life. Once you indicate your preference, a member of the SPA will contact you with further information.

Merci beaucoup!

Volunteer Opportunities

More about the role of a Class Parent: Class Parents are volunteer representatives from each grade and we encourage at least two parents to share the role. An in-person virtual luncheon will be hosted by us on Wednesday, September 21 during which you will have an opportunity to meet your homeroom teachers and other class parents. The SPA will also clarify the responsibilities of the role, some of which include the following:

  • attendance at monthly SPA meetings, as often as possible
  • acting as a liaison to a family entering their grade during the school year
  • emailing other parents on behalf of the SPA concerning school activities and fundraisers
  • coordinating at least one informal virtual get-together with the parents in your grade (ideally early in the school year)
  • organizing a collective class gift for the teachers during the holiday and at the end of the year (not mandatory)

Additional Ad Hoc Volunteer Opportunities: The school will occasionally be requiring the support of parents for various school/athletic outings, class projects/arts and crafts, judging for in-school competitions, and cultural heritage talks/presentations to students and/or staff. If you would be interested in supporting the school in any/all of these ways, please indicate your interests below and you will be contacted when that need arises. Thank you in advance!

Thank you once again for completing this form - your interest, time and support is so very important for school life!