You’ll Begin to See the World in a new way

You will become the great woman you are meant to be.

Study girls develop intellectual curiosity, leadership qualities, strong values and a lifelong love of learning, all within a culture that challenges them to become globally conscious ethical citizens of the world.

Distinguishing Programmes

Girls get a head start at The Study, a small, diverse and leading bilingual school with a strong tradition of innovation established in 1915, reputed to be one of the top 25 private schools in Canada.  Learn more about our six Distinguishing Programmes.

Academic Excellence

Strong beginnings. Excellent outcomes. From K to 11, individual students & learning styles get the care & attention they need.

Technology & Makerspace

Our Makerspace and our Innovation Lab are engaged learning spaces where students focus on design thinking and programming.

Mother tongue bilingual programme

The goal is to establish fluency and accuracy in both English & French by offering mother tongue programmes.


Students acquire skills and values they can rely on, no matter where they go or how the world may change around them.

Exceptional Student Experiences

The world expands - through skill development, adventure & service, enriching each student's educational experience.

The Arts

Students are developing their creative process by learning how to develop and express an idea concretely.