Exceptional Student Experiences

The Study intersects with communities far more than ever to provide opportunities that allow for authentic critical thinking, as well as exceptional student experiences. The goal, a school-wide culture that promotes individual and global consciousness.

Some of The Study’s educational community partnerships are long term arrangements, while others are one-time events that have a lasting impact on the students. Our global experience in Nicaragua gives senior school students opportunities to learn outside of the classroom, such as preparing classes to teach at our sister school in Dirai Nicaragua. Grade 6 students benefit from the expertise of parents who are physicians and come in to the school to help broaden the students’ knowledge as they prepare their final grade 6 science project. Our annual participation in the Parlement des jeunes gives senior school students the opportunity to travel to Quebec City to see firsthand how our provincial government functions and participate in a 3-day authentic parliamentary experience. Indeed, from robotics, to Technovation to visits to Radio-Canada studios, there are so many opportunities for enriching experiences for all our students.

our sister school in nicaragua

ivy league tour & student exchanges

Aspirations soar on our Ivy League Tour and International Exchanges               

patricia Briand, Senior School Director

Students in grades 10 & 11 have the opportunity to tour Ivy League Universities, all part of learning more about future educational possibilities. Students visit universities such as Harvard, MIT, Brown, Princeton and Yale and on each campus they often meet with Study alumnae. International student exchanges are also offered in Senior School, where girls experience student life in Australia, France and Britain and where girls further develop a deeper understanding of foreign cultures.

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Student Exchange Trips

Joyce and Alexandra (both '21) traveled to Birmingham, England for their enriching student exchange at King Edward V1 School for Girls.

Welcoming Gabi & Annie, our Australian exchange students from Ruyton Girls' School for two months.

In Australia - Léa '20 enjoying a beautiful day at Ruyton Girls' School in Melbourne.

Uniform swap day at King Edward VI High School for Girls in Birmingham.