Not a day goes by at The Study without each and every student showing leadership – either by taking responsibility for their learning and actions, by leading a club, being an ambassador or lending a helping hand. Every student is encouraged to develop their own voice and discover their ability to lead. Introducing formal leadership classes starting in grade 5 helps develop a leadership mindset which girls carry on into high school. Every year, girls in grades 5 to 11 participate in our Annual All Girls’ Leadership Conference as they share their passion for creating positive school communities with over 200 delegates from Montreal area schools.

All Girls' Leadership Conference

A conference FOR students and BY students. Many incredible speakers for grade 5 to 7 girls from around Montreal.

Duke of Ed

Grades 9 & 10 participate in an exciting 4-day Duke of Ed Adventurous Journey, for the Bronze and Silver awards.

Model UN

Our Model UN delegation travels each year to NYC for the WFUNA International Model United Nations.

Overnight Leadership Camps

Grades 4-11 support & challenge each other as leaders while building relationships & trust through teamwork.

Parlement des Jeunes

Grade 9 students have the chance to experience a 3-day Quebec National Assembly simulation.

House Heads

Mu Gamma, Beta Lambda, Kappa Rho & Delta Beta - all student-led!