One of the many beautiful things about The Arts is how they bring people together.
The Study offers a diverse Arts programme and co-curricular activities in which students can find their place as creators, painters, singers, musicians, actors, directors, etc. Our students are able to take what they’ve learned in their courses and apply this to the process of putting on a performance or creating a piece of art.
Study girls love to draw and paint and they also love theatre, music and dance. Starting in Kindergarten, students learn the basics of vocal production, different styles of choral music and performance practice. Starting in Grade 6, students embark on the adventure of learning a musical instrument; they have a choice of various woodwind brass and percussion instruments. The school community comes together twice a year to enjoy lovely musical performances, as well as art and drama presentations.

cynthia van frank | Visual arts teacher

The teaching of the arts, by its very nature, promotes higher learning skills in order to express ideas concretely.