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Safety and security

To safeguard the wellbeing of its students and staff, The Study has a Safety Committee that oversees the planning and implementation of all safety and security measures, including fire prevention and other security-related issues that may arise.

All school doors are secured as of 8:05 a.m. and visitors enter by the main entrance and sign in and out with the receptionist.

Safety on Braeside

To safeguard the safety of all students, parents are asked to:

  • Heed the No Parking signs
  • Pick-up and drop-off your daughter(s) at designated zones indicated on the Safety Map (PDF)
  • Follow instructions from the Security Guard
  • NOT drive up Braeside Place
  • NOT double park or block intersections and driveways during drop-off and pick-up

Students should cross The Boulevard at the lights, with assistance from the Security Guard, and enter the school via designated doors .

Health & Safety


When preparing your daughter's snack, please do not include any item containing nuts, seeds, peanut butter or sunflower oil.

Students with life-threatening allergies

All students with life-threatening food allergies must have one EpiPen with them at all times and keep a second one in the Elementary School Office, or in the case of Senior School students, with the School Receptionist. Parents must instruct their daughter to only eat food they have brought from home and allow her photograph to be posted at the reception, in staff rooms and in the lunchroom. On outings and field trips the supervising teacher will also take a second EpiPen.

First Aid

The school will administer first aid for minor injuries. Should the injury be more serious, parents will be promptly notified or an ambulance may be called to take the student to the hospital.

Medicare Card

Parents are requested to complete a medical form for their daughter(s) and to return it to the School Receptionist by the first day of school.


The school will not independently administer any type of medication. Any parents who wish the school to administer any medication not prescribed by a doctor (e.g. Tylenol, cough syrup) to their children must provide this medication along with a written request.