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Leading-edge, learning tools

The Study is proud of its innovative use of technology to enhance learning and critical thinking, both inside and outside the classroom. Technology is woven through the curriculum at all grade levels, from kindergarten to grade 11. There is a 1 to 1 laptop programme from grades 6-11, as well as 1 to 1 iPads in grades Kindergarten to 5 and an interactive table in grade 2.

The goals of the technology programme, in conjunction with the academic programme, are to:

  • Stimulate students' intellectual curiousity by providing them with opportunities to enhance traditional learning through innovative tools
  • Provide all students with learning tools that will enhance their learning
  • Support higher order thinking skills and critical thinking skills
  • Provide a global experience to the students via virtual classroom experiences and a plethora of research opportunities
  • Inspire and provide students with the resources to innovate

In the Elementary School, students experience technology on a daily basis, with access to class sets of laptops or iPads. Examples of student projects include documentaries in grade 2 on What I Want to Become When I Grow Up and the Flat Classroom project in grade 5 which enabled students to collaboratively work with peers from around the world.

In the Senior School technology is fully integrated into the curriculum and every student has a leased wireless laptop Mac computer that she uses in research and study groups, for assignments, explorations, simulations, tutorials, Internet access and a myriad of networked applications.

Students have access to the latest software, a Technology and Design lab, which includes a robotics lab and a 3D design center, various audio visual equipment, a wide screen printer, a photography studio, two 3D printers, a video IP conferencing unit and state of the art technology in the classroom. Even though the Mac operating system is the main platform, students also run Windows 7 and are given the opportunity to be certified by Microsoft in all their programmes.

Our learning management systems also allow parents to access their daughter’s work and her development. In conjunction with our "green" initiatives, technology is used as a tool for communication with parents.

Please click here to view our "Leaders in Technology" program.


Amalia Liogas
Director, IT Services