Active Outdoor Learning Spaces

Scope of Work, 2023

What we can expect in January:

  • As of January 9, the lower spaces will temporarily OPEN until the Spring for all staff and students upon your return from the holidays
  • East Path, including all exists, will be open for use, including the East door for senior school students
  • West Path will also be open for students to use
  • All three staircases will be open for use, with temporary handrails
  • There will be protective fencing around areas that pose a potential danger for our students
  • TEMPORARY SLIDE!:  Our contractors have very generously built a temporary slide for our students to use over the winter. This is a very special initiative, outside of our contractor's scope of work, and is our way to thank our students and all of you for your patience while this ambitious project is underway.

As soon as the Spring thaw begins, and when we begin to see mud, we will need to, once again, close up the space to continue the build. 

Next Steps: The Spring/Summer 2023 part of the build will include:

  • The installation of the permanent slide and climbing wall
  • The stepping stones on the upper terrace
  • The butterfly garden
  • The balustrades

What's next?

The completion of the track, installation of the other play structures, integration of the lower landscaping and installation of the stone table are all elements that are pending as our community comes together to raise an additional $1.5M in funding to complete this final stage.

Our donors have been very generous thus far in helping to raise close to $1.5M. With an additional $1.5M remaining to be raised, we are confident that, together, we can complete this project.

The Study wishes to thank Samantha Hayes '86, architect, Board Member and Parent to Jacqueline '22 for creating and developing the Concept Design for this exciting facilities expansion project, and for continuing to work energetically with the project team.

Design development, renderings, implementation and project management by architect firm Robitaille.Curtis.


Our Active Outdoor LEARNING Spaces will:

  • Provide our students and teachers with Outdoor Classrooms
  • Make outdoor “Chill Zones”, reflection gardens and natural seating in wooded areas available to our students, providing a much-needed connection to the natural environment and respite from the stimulation of their day
  • Offer age-appropriate play spaces and structures that will fully maximize the advantages of the property’s natural topography, helping to inspire creative thinking and independent, self-directed play 

See below to read our case for support!

Before & After Images

Current Lower Playground

Future Lower Playground

Current Upper Terrace

Future Upper Terrace

Current Upper Plaground

Future Upper Playground

Future Upper Playground

New Front Path

Case for Support

Last Chance: Stepping Stones

Purchase your stepping stones before May 27th to leave a permanent mark on The Study's Upper Terrace!


Leave a permanent mark on The Study's new upper terrace with your purchase of an engraved stepping stone for only $750. 

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