Active Outdoor Learning Spaces

Play and movement, as well as experiential and small group learning, are important pedagogical concepts that are very much at the heart of our faculty's teaching approach. The emotional well-being, physical health and connectedness to nature for both students and staff are profoundly important in assuring a successful student experience. There has been a growing need to support these educational pillars with outdoor spaces that can be both flexible in their use and inspire creativity. 

We believe that enhancing our outdoor spaces will allow The Study to respond to these needs by transforming our outdoor spaces into fun, inspiring, and creative venues to be used by students of all ages and for teachable moments by our staff.

These outdoor spaces will be used for learning, for play, for gathering, for exploring, and for experimenting. They would also offer emotional restoration, and physical health through enhanced connection to nature.

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Stepping Stones

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Our Active Outdoor Spaces will:

  • Provide our students and teachers with Outdoor Classrooms
  • Make outdoor “Chill Zones”, reflection gardens and natural seating in wooded areas available to our students, providing a much-needed connection to the natural environment and respite from the stimulation of their day
  • Offer age-appropriate play spaces and structures that will fully maximize the advantages of the property’s natural topography, helping to inspire creative thinking and independent, self-directed play 

With sustainable principles in mind, the project principles will:

  • Manage storm water on-site

  • Protect and maintain cultural and historic place

  • Prioritize native plants & increase the ecosystem value

  • Increase tree canopy & long-term tree health

  • Support emotional restoration, physical health and exercise

  • Provide optimum site accessibility and safety

Renderings of New Active Outdoor Learning Spaces

The Study wishes to thank Samantha Hayes '86, architect, Board Member and Parent to Jacqueline '22 for creating and developing the Concept Design for this exciting facilities expansion project, and for continuing to work energetically with the project team.

Design development, renderings, implementation and project management by architect firm Robitaille.Curtis.