Open Your Heart Week - Nicaragua Scholarship Fund

The year, February 13 - 16 is Open your Heart Week. During this week, we will be celebrating our work in Nicaragua.

History of our Partnership with the Diria Institute







The Nicaragua initiative began in 2009 when Sofia Essayan-Perez, a then Grade 9 student, proposed that we adopt a sister school called the Diria Institute in a rural village in Diria, Nicaragua. Since then, our project has expanded to include 3 key elements: a scholarship program, a community service trip and annual school improvements. During the entire week, we will be raising funds for both the Nicaragua Scholarship and for school improvements at The Diria Institute.

Every donation counts

Make a difference where it matters - Contribute to girls' education in Nicaragua now!

Raised so far $1,585.00
Fundraising goal $10,000.00

Amalia Liogas, Director of IT

This INITIATIVE is unique in that we have been able to see how the community has changed since the partnership began in 2010.