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"We would like to congratulate the grade 2 students for their excellent presentations. Of course, we want to tell our daughter that she should be vey proud of herself. We really enjoyed watching her present (via the live streaming of the event) with such poise and confidence.”

"Beautiful event, wonderful pictures and memories forever!!! Thanks to all The Study Team for putting together the mother/ daughter lunch and the award ceremony. These precious moments are the end of a fantastic 12 years , I am personally sad it comes to an end but very happy that my daughter had the chance to attend such a good school."

"Our daughter is now independent well-rounded young woman and ready to move forward. Thanks again for all the support of The Study staff, teacher and directors throughout the 12 years. I will always be grateful for her great education.”

"C’est vraiment incroyable ce que les élèves de la 4e année nous ont présentés aujourd’hui! Vous êtes tous des filles intelligentes, charmantes, avec plein de talents cachés et capables d’accomplir tout ce que votre cœur vous donne envie!”

"Just to let you know that our daughter was accepted in the Honors Commerce program at Marianopolis last week, and on Friday, she received a nice surprise in the mail: a Scholarship for outstanding academic achievement as well. The Study should be proud of this, because it reflects well on the emphasis the school places on academic excellence, and the value attributed to it by a top-notch college like Marianopolis.”

"It has been a compassionate, nurturing and stimulating environment filled with honestly caring and talented adults. This has allowed her to flourish in a manner which I palpably feel my mother, a fiercely proud old girl in her own right, would approve. I can not praise the school more highly than this."

"It is obvious that your school truly cares about the children and the education you are giving them. I was particularly impressed in the way you continuously try to improve the school and the program."

"Here is the email from our daughter (grade 10), a wonderful reminder of what a great motivator the Ivy League college tour is: I would like to let you know that I will be attending Brown. I don't care how hard I have to work. That's where I'm going. I love it."