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Academic advising

College and university advising

Academic Advising is a key element of what we offer here at The Study. Our Academic Advisor works with our students, past and present, as they follow their paths in post-secondary education. All students receive their Diplôme d'études secondaires from Quebec upon graduation. Making decisions about one’s future is always challenging and our Academic Advising programme supports, guides and educates the current students as they make these decisions.

Our Career Education courses in grades 10 & 11 engage students in the process of self-reflection which leads to solid choices for post-secondary studies. In addition, visiting post-secondary institution Open Houses in Montreal, hosting post-secondary information evenings and arranging University tours in Canada and the United States really give our students the knowledge they need to make the best choices for their futures.

Academic Advising includes,

  1. Liaise with admission officers at colleges and universities
  2. Host information events for post-secondary institutions
  3. Lead career education courses in grades 10 & 11 for current students and graduates
  4. Prepare transcripts and letters of recommendation
  5. Maintain a library of post-secondary information
  6. Lead tours to universities in Canada and the United States in grades 10 & 11
  7. Offer ongoing support for graduates in their longer term educational choices