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Support close at hand

Enrichment specialists and global learners scholar support

The Study’s Enrichment Specialists provide assistance to all students at the school by supporting teachers in enriching their current classwork with enriched projects and assignments. The specialists also work in providing the teachers with resources pertaining to enrichment and differentiated learning in the classroom.

In addition at The Study, we recognize and support the global learning experiences of our students. Students participating in global activities outside of the daily school environment are able to re-integrate into the classroom via the Global Learners Scholar Support Program. Upon return to the school, the students will receive pedagogical organization and support before returning to the classroom, making certain that students are up-to-date with assignments and learning.

Enrichment Centre Coordinator and specialist: Brigitte Weil bweil@thestudy.qc.ca

Enrichment specialist: Samantha Schneider sschneider@thestudy.qc.ca

Enrichment specialist: Marinee Kavoukjian mkavoukjian@thestudy.qc.ca

School counsellors

The Study’s counsellor helps students weather childhood and adolescence, by assisting them and supporting their teachers and parents, either individually or in a group.

School counselor: Marla Pinsler mpinsler@thestudy.qc.ca

Academic advising

One of the valuable things that Study girls learn is that they can achieve whatever they want in life. During their time in the Senior School students learn about some of the exciting careers they can pursue when they graduate and get help with planning their post-Study education.
Visit the Academic advising page.