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Student Council

The Senior Prefects, Heads of Standing Committees, House Officials and Class Prefects, elected by the student body, initiate, coordinate and implement an array of student activities.

This gives them an opportunity to develop leadership skills and promote school spirit. Through student government, participation in House activities and involvement in many charitable and school fund-raising events, students are encouraged to take responsibility for, and ownership of, many of the school's extra-curricular activities including: dances, the bazaar, Talent Show, Spirit Week, Girls for the Cure, etc.

Student Council for 2018-19

Heads of Standing Committees

Head Girl: Delila Farias
Sub-Head Girl: Jamie Shore
Sports Captain: Lola Gilmore
Treasurer: Isabella Walter
Entertainment Prefect: Emily Sofin
Elementary School Prefect: Lily Creaghan
Secretary: Sophie Boulos

Grad Head: Ellen Kharlanov
Tuck Head: Krystal Assaly
Girl for the Cure Head: Cayla Cohen
Alumnæ Prefects: Isabel MacDonald-Palmer

Art Committee Head: Tiana Beaulieu & Sylvia Tan
Community Service: Yang Han
Bazaar Co-chairs: Éloise Valasek & Eliana-Ruobing Zhang
Leadership Conference Co-chairs: Marcella da Silva & Catriona Larouche