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Student Council

The Senior Prefects, Heads of Standing Committees, House Officials and Class Prefects, elected by the student body, initiate, coordinate and implement an array of student activities.

This gives them an opportunity to develop leadership skills and promote school spirit. Through student government, participation in House activities and involvement in many charitable and school fund-raising events, students are encouraged to take responsibility for, and ownership of, many of the school's extra-curricular activities including: dances, the bazaar, Talent Show, Spirit Week, Girls for the Cure, etc.

Student Council for 2019-2020

Heads of Standing Committees

Head Girl: Julianna Farias
Sub-Head Girl: Amel Melanson
Sports Captain: Julia Capolicchio
Treasurer: Tessa Hason
Entertainment Prefect: Eva Payen
Elementary School Prefect: Emma Goucher 
Secretary: Victoria Hason

Grad Head: Alessia Melatti & Isabella Rutenberg
Tuck Head: Annika Waschke
Girl for the Cure Head: Sabrina Daoud
Alumnæ Prefects: Abigail Ritchie

Art Committee Head: Syera Monet Del Bello & Tara Seirafi
Community Service: Ella Ivanovici
Bazaar Co-chairs: Kendra Akyaa Addo & Lilou Delas
Leadership Conference Co-chairs: Emelia Harasymowycz & Talayah Minto Rattray