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We believe Study girls can learn as much outside as inside the classroom.
Trips throughout the school year are also an important bonding experience for students and teachers. Many of our school trips have an outdoor experiential component, with a focus on leadership, such as the annual grade 11 retreats at start of the school year. Others are more academic in nature often with a social studies focus, such as the grade 4 and 5 visits to Ottawa and Quebec City and there are those with a music focus, such as the band and choir trip to the Boston Music Festival. And many are athletic and involve national CAIS tournaments at independent schools throughout Canada.

In the senior school there are also International Exchange opportunities with schools in Australia and England and Community Service trips, both local and global, including to our sister school in Nicaragua each year at spring break. As part of our senior school academic advising program in grades 10 & 11 there are trips each fall to various universities, on an alternating year basis, Ivy League schools and Ontario universities.