Trips & Student Exchanges



Every two years Senior School students have the opportunity to partake in a 10-day community service to The Study's sister school in Diriá, Nicaragua, teaching English classes, immersing themselves in the culture and learning first-hand about the lives of the girls from Diriá that The Study awards university scholarships to each year.

Cultural Trips

Every two years, Senior School students have the opportunity to partake in a 10-day cultural trip in destinations all over the world. The 2019 Cultural Trip was in Italy. Students visited Rome and different cities in Tuscany.

Elementary School Fieldtrips

  • Apple picking
  • Orchestre
  • Maison théâtre
  • Centre d'interprétation de l'eau
  • Sports Tournaments
  • Sugar Shack
  • etc.

Gr. 4 - P'tit Bonheur

Gr. 6 - Ottawa

Choir & Band Trips

Boston, New York City & Toronto

Senior School Fieldtrips

  • Leadership Conferences
  • Ivy League Tour
  • Sports Tournaments
  • Winter Day
  • Mandarin Class fieldtrip
  • Drama Class fieldtrip
  • etc.

Gr. 5 - Quebec

Gr. 7 - Retreat

Gr. 5 & 6 - Leadership Camp

Grade 11 - Retreat

Student Exchanges

International student exchanges are offered in the Senior School, where girls experience student life in Australia and Britain while living with a host family, and where girls further develop a deeper understanding of foreign cultures. These 3 to 4 week long experiences encourage students to stretch beyond their comfort zone and gain important life skills, such as independence, flexibility and cultural responsibility. The exchanges are reciprocal, which means that Study students benefit from having international student visitors at different times during the school year. Our Grade 9 partner school is King Edward VI School for Girls, located in Birmingham-UK. Our Grade 10 partner schools are located in Australia: Ruyton School in Melbourne, and Perth College in Perth.

Joyce and Alexandra (both '21) traveled to Birmingham, England for their enriching student exchange at King Edward V1 School for Girls.

Welcoming Gabi & Annie, our Australian exchange students from Ruyton Girls' School for two months.

In Australia - Léa '20 enjoying a beautiful day at Ruyton Girls' School in Melbourne.

Uniform swap day at King Edward VI High School for Girls in Birmingham.